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Kelley has been in the healthcare industry for the past six years. Prior to joining HealthSplash, she worked in the acute and long-term care sector of healthcare where she witnessed complicated and broken processes every step along the way from finding care, to receiving care, and finally in paying for care. She joined HealthSplash because of its dedication to changing the world of healthcare for everyone. It’s comprised of go-getters all sharing the common vision and goal of to transform the lives of those who encounter and interact with the HealthSplash platform. Kelley attended Marshall University where she earned a BA in Public Relations, and she went on to earn her MA at Pittsburg State University in Mass Media Communications.

Healthcare Fraud Making You Sick? Five Facts You Need To Know

The U.S. healthcare industry loses billions every year due to fraud, abuse, and administrative waste. Here are five startling facts on healthcare fraud. 1. $225 billion of the $750 billion in healthcare spending was wasted on fraud, unnecessary services, and excessive administrative costs. According to researchers, in 2009 roughly 30 percent of the total healthcare [...]

Kansas and HealthSplash Announce Discussions to Improve Efficiencies in Medicaid Eligibility

The Kansas Division of Health Care Finance and HealthSplash are in discussions for a potential pilot using HealthSplash's smart workflow technology aimed at providing a better customer experience surrounding Medicaid Eligibility for Kansas residents. Kansas Public Health officials will meet with HealthSplash Thursday morning for a live demonstration of potential solutions that could increase flexibility [...]

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How Wearables Are Transforming the Healthcare Industry Today

We often think of innovations as occurring in the perpetual future, but wearables are changing the healthcare industry today, even as you’re reading this article. These devices, often no larger than a watch, can track your blood pressure, heart rate and more—and wearables’ impact in healthcare is just getting started. Below, we briefly cover the [...]

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6 Ways General Practitioners Can Promote Preventative Care

As Ben Franklin infamously put it, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Yet when it comes to preventative healthcare, many of us fall short. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans use preventative services at only half the recommended rate. […]

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Ways Each Doctor’s Practice Can Make Their Patients Feel Special

With today’s competitive healthcare environment, keeping your current patients happy is just as important as growing your practice. With the growth of online review sites, patients have gained the upper hand when it comes to promoting or demoting medical practices. In effect, your patients have become a powerful extension of your marketing strategy so making [...]

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Creative Ways General Practitioners Can Utilize Social Media

Gone are the days when patients quietly endured long waiting room times and blindly followed their doctor’s advice. The Internet has turned patients into active consumers who take their healthcare into their own hands. Patients are also turning to social networking and online review sites for information, advice and to vent their frustrations. Patients searching [...]

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For Doctors: Best Ways to Market Your Practice

Medical practices, like any other type of business, must take advantage of the wide range of marketing avenues available today. Effective marketing not only impacts the bottom line but gives your practice a competitive edge in the marketplace. On average, American consumers spend over 20 hours a week online. Considering the range of online marketing [...]

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The 12 Benefits of Having Your Doctor at Your Fingertips

While telehealth services have been around for more than four decades, in the past few years the explosion of healthcare technology has really caused a boom in patient-centered telemedicine solutions. As defined by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), telemedicine is “the remote delivery of health care services and clinical information using telecommunications technology. This includes [...]

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The Best Time of Year to Book Your Doctors’ Appointments

Struggling to get in to see your physician? Worried about long wait times? Or maybe in between providers and not feeling positive about your search for a new practitioner? While the traditional healthcare system can be slow and frustrating, healthcare is changing. More practitioners are adopting virtual care models and apps that allow patients to [...]

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Building Doctor/Patient Relationships Via Telehealth

While the notion of telehealth may seem deeply impersonal, it offers a faster, more effective way to connect and communicate with physicians near you. So much of the traditional healthcare system depends on time. In order to navigate the system, you need time–and a lot of it. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have time to [...]

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