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Greg has more than 21 years of experience in the healthcare industry working with SurePoint Medical and CCS Medical. He founded and owned a mail-order pharmacy prior to joining HealthSplash. As President of the Institution Division, Greg works with the HealthSplash clients to ensure everything works smoothly while continuously inquiring about what new features or products the company can offer. Greg knows that HealthSplash is at the forefront of healthcare transparency. With its innovative thinkers, HealthSplash is transforming the entire healthcare experience. Greg attended Alfred University and studied Business Development and Healthcare Management.

Can Local Pharmacies Compete Against Mail-Order Pharmacies?

“Hey _________  , order me more laundry detergent.” Fill in the blank with Google, Alexa, or Siri and experience the most efficient mode of technology to date in terms of purchasing items from the comfort of your home. The trend is common practice for most people and quickly becoming the new norm for shopping. All industries [...]

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