2305, 2019

Compliance – How it Affects your Company Day to Day

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Every compliance officer knows “The OIG’s Seven Fundamental Elements of an Effective Compliance Program” and strives to place these elements at the core of their organization. Here's a [...]

1004, 2019

What Healthcare Providers Should Know About Competitive Bid for PMD

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Medicare’s competitive bidding program has been delayed until 2021, with the possibility of the open window extending even longer than the next two years.

2803, 2019

What Your Insurance Needs to Pay for Your Medical Equipment

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Home medical equipment (HME) ranges the spectrum from incontinence supplies and breathing apparatuses to hospital beds and a variety of mobility devices. There are a few different ways to get the medical equipment and supplies you or a loved one may need; however, some items are not covered by insurance.

103, 2019

Healthcare Fraud Making You Sick? Five Facts You Need To Know

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The U.S. healthcare industry loses billions every year due to fraud, abuse, and administrative waste. Here are five startling facts on healthcare fraud. 1. $225 billion of the [...]

1502, 2019

DME Suppliers are Fed Up with Regulation, Platform Technology is the Answer

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The Current Dilemma with DME Documentation Needs Medical supply companies who provide all types of HME or DME products to patients face a slippery slope when it comes [...]

702, 2019

Can Local Pharmacies Compete Against Mail-Order Pharmacies?

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“Hey _________  , order me more laundry detergent.” Fill in the blank with Google, Alexa, or Siri and experience the most efficient mode of technology to date in terms [...]

2101, 2019

Are You Gambling with HIPAA Compliance? 3 Things Your Healthcare Practice Should Be Aware Of

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Few things are as critical to the operation of your healthcare business as compliance. Of course, every other facet of your business is important, but unless you’re meeting [...]

801, 2019

What Every DME Supplier Should Know About Power Mobility Documentation

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There is no hiding it....the Medicare criteria required for determining patient need for a power mobility device (like a scooter or power wheelchair)  is both overwhelming, complex and [...]

3007, 2018

How Wearables Are Transforming the Healthcare Industry Today

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We often think of innovations as occurring in the perpetual future, but wearables are changing the healthcare industry today, even as you’re reading this article. These devices, often [...]

2507, 2018

6 Ways General Practitioners Can Promote Preventative Care

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As Ben Franklin infamously put it, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Yet when it comes to preventative healthcare, many of us fall short. [...]

1807, 2018

Ways Each Doctor’s Practice Can Make Their Patients Feel Special

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With today’s competitive healthcare environment, keeping your current patients happy is just as important as growing your practice. With the growth of online review sites, patients have gained [...]

507, 2018

Creative Ways General Practitioners Can Utilize Social Media

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Gone are the days when patients quietly endured long waiting room times and blindly followed their doctor’s advice. The Internet has turned patients into active consumers who take [...]

2506, 2018

For Doctors: Best Ways to Market Your Practice

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Medical practices, like any other type of business, must take advantage of the wide range of marketing avenues available today. Effective marketing not only impacts the bottom line [...]

1506, 2018

The 12 Benefits of Having Your Doctor at Your Fingertips

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While telehealth services have been around for more than four decades, in the past few years the explosion of healthcare technology has really caused a boom in patient-centered [...]

3005, 2018

The Best Time of Year to Book Your Doctors’ Appointments

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Struggling to get in to see your physician? Worried about long wait times? Or maybe in between providers and not feeling positive about your search for a new [...]

2505, 2018

Building Doctor/Patient Relationships Via Telehealth

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While the notion of telehealth may seem deeply impersonal, it offers a faster, more effective way to connect and communicate with physicians near you. So much of the [...]

2005, 2018

8 Questions to Ask Your General Practitioner During Your Annual Exam

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You don’t get a whole lot of time to spend with your doctor. Best case scenario, you’re in his or her office for a total of 20 minutes [...]

1605, 2018

Happening Now: What a Second Wave of the Flu Could Mean

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When it comes to flu season, there’s some good news and bad news to report. The good news is that we’re over the hump of flu season and [...]

1505, 2018

The Importance of Face-To-Face Interactions with Your Doctor

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These days, there are so many ways to communicate with your doctor, from in-person visits to video checkups to instant messages. Having various access points to your medical [...]

2804, 2018

Telecare Will Grow with Blockchain

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A common misconception is that the terms “telemedicine,” “telecare” and “telehealth” are interchangeable. Each of these terms refers to a different way of administering health care using existing [...]

1904, 2018

Seven Crucial Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Pediatrician

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New parents often have “find a pediatrician” at the top of their list when they’re expecting. It’s one of those critical yet time-consuming tasks that can suck up [...]

1404, 2018

Maintaining Doctor-Patient Relationships in the Digital Era

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In the digital age, we’re more connected than ever, but at the same time, we’re less likely to have real, human contact than we were pre-internet. This is [...]